Star Wars: The Old Republic Factions Learn to Work Together to Exploit the PVP System

Now that BioWare has instituted fixes limiting the number of Republic and Imperial players taking part in each instance of player-versus-player planet Ilum an uneasy truce has been formed. Now both sides can take turns killing each other for credit!


Patch 1.1 for BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic patched the game so players could farm valor — in-game currency used to purchase high-end PVP gear — by killing one another. Initially this caused serious problems, but as you can see in this video sent in by reader Chris, the two factions have put their differences behind them.

On one hand I am impressed by the ingenuity of the players in this vid. Why bother with battle when large-scale mutual execution will suffice?

On the other hand, this is not how the game should work. BioWare needs to take steps to curb this as soon as possible in order to keep the situation from spiraling even more out of control than it already has.

SW:TOR - Ilum - Trading Deaths - The new "legit" way to farm Valor [YouTube]


Actually, WoW had that happen with their current pvp zone. They changed a few things then both sides worked out sharing that lasted about a month. Can't remember if Blizzard fixed it, or if both sides got tired of working with each other.