Star Wars: The Old Republic - Concept Art vs Screens

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These early screens and concept art trickled out of Lucasarts/Bioware's steely grasp after their Big Announcement and Kotaku Jedi AJ Glasser uploaded them instantly using a combination of the Force Upload and a fast wi-fi link. This concept gallery shows early Jedi/Sith character designs, a nice view of Coruscant that wouldn't look out of place in Episode 3 and two very similar monsters. Check after the jump to see how the artists' designs have been translated into polygonal reality. First impressions - those lightsabers look a bit chunky. Maybe people were shorter back in the Old Republic.

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I was pretty excited for this after hearing about it - but after seeing those screens my excitement has died down to a dull curiosity. The environments look ok, but the character art direction is horrible. Cartoon Star Wars just doesn't work outside of Saturday morning TV.