Star Wars: Republic Commando Gets The Collector's Edition It Deserves

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Image: Limited Run Games

The best Star Wars game that doesn’t involve the player swinging a lightsaber is getting an April 6 release on PlayStation 4 and Switch, but those looking for a physical version of Republic Commando will need to wait until April 16, when the four-week pre-order window opens for Limited Run’s physical version, including a $90 collector’s edition filled with awesome Star Wars stuff.


I don’t need a cool collector’s edition for most games, but I make exceptions for classics that have brought me as much enjoyment over the years as the adventures of the Delta Squad in the cracks between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. So when I see a limited-edition collector’s set with a lovely helmet-looking box, a steelcase, a commemorative coin, a lovely little poster, a thermal detonator pin, and some art cards, I take notice.

Along with the PS4 and Switch releases, the Limited Run collector’s edition also comes in PC flavor, with a CD jewel case mounted on a blister card as if it were an action figure. I own the game on PC in several different forms already, but I might have room for one more.

Image: Limited Run Games

Look for the $30 physical editions and the $90 collector’s edition to go up for preorder on the Limited Run website on April 16.

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Is this a gaming first, essentially a Criterion release of an older game? It seems that most re-releases are either re-mastered or offered on the cheap without much fanfare. While I know this game will be cleaned up technically, it’s essentially the same as the OG version.

Maybe this will set a cool precedent where re-releases can be accompanied by collectible content and extra features.