As we’ve established here on, Company of Heroes was the perfect RTS. Making it even more perfect, then, is this upcoming Star Wars mod for the game.

It’s a mod cliche—take a game, add Star Wars!—but you can’t argue it’s not a successful one, with everything from Call of Duty to Homeworld benefiting from people’s innate desire to bring Star Wars everywhere that Lucasarts did not.

Enter Star Wars: Frontlines, a mod that’s been in the making for a little while now, but which is about to release its first playable build to the public. There won’t be much to it—just a Mos Eisley map and some infantry units—but considering the quality of the game they’re being plastered over the top of, that’s still worth a look.

Hopefully the AT-ATs, Speeder Bikes and X-Wings can come later.

You can keep tabs on Frontlines here.