Star Wars, Meet Company Of Heroes

As we’ve established here on, Company of Heroes was the perfect RTS. Making it even more perfect, then, is this upcoming Star Wars mod for the game.


It’s a mod cliche—take a game, add Star Wars!—but you can’t argue it’s not a successful one, with everything from Call of Duty to Homeworld benefiting from people’s innate desire to bring Star Wars everywhere that Lucasarts did not.

Enter Star Wars: Frontlines, a mod that’s been in the making for a little while now, but which is about to release its first playable build to the public. There won’t be much to it—just a Mos Eisley map and some infantry units—but considering the quality of the game they’re being plastered over the top of, that’s still worth a look.

Hopefully the AT-ATs, Speeder Bikes and X-Wings can come later.

You can keep tabs on Frontlines here.

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