Star Wars: Jedi Knight Speedrun Is Way Funnier Than It Should Be

If you are a fan of A) Star Wars; B) Jedi Knight; C) blocky 1997 graphics; D) watching things go very fast; or E) all of the above, you will likely enjoy this speedrun of Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, a game that looks way funnier when you're playing most of it in third-person.


In just under 30 minutes, speedrunner ysalamiri absolutely blasts through the whole game, using every possible secret and time-saving trick to make for a run that is seriously mesmerizing.

The run starts at around 7:20. You can watch the weeklong Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 marathon right here. (Full schedule here.)

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This and the Battleblock Theater run are the High points of this AGDQ by far. I almost died of laughter last night. Plus one of the devs signing the secret song...classic