The debut trailer for EA’s Battlefront II has leaked out a little early, showing that not only will the next game feature units and heroes from the prequel trilogy, but from Force Awakens as well.

Here’s a recap in case the clip disappears:

As expected, looks like there’s a singleplayer campaign in here (centred around a post-Endor Empire), but of interest to most will be the expansion of the game’s multiplayer roster to include another four Star Wars movies.

The character above appears to be the protagonist of the game’s singleplayer, an Imperial officer who will fight in the days following the Empire’s defeat at Endor.



We get glimpses of characters like Rey, Kylo Ren, Yoda and Darth Maul duking it out, while there are locations shown off from across the film series, from what looks like Hoth (again) to Starkiller Base.

Oh, and looks like space battles could be a big thing too.


The trailer was supposed to debut during the big Star Wars Celebration going down April 13-16 in Orlando.