Not here, sadly. We don't have magazine covers to bargain with, you know. But Game Informer, the print kings of the exclusive do, and they have a 10-page blow-out on Cryptic's Star Trek Online. With no Star Trek TV show to rally behind and a feature film that feels light years away, the possibility of commanding our own starship โ€” or perhaps making Sumarian Sunsets in the ship's mess hall โ€” is appealing even to me. And I loathe MMOs. The October ish of Game Informer should be deployed by shuttle to newsstands any minute now, if you're interested in boldly going wherever $14.99 a month will take you. Perhaps more interesting is the "What If? starring Assassins' Creed's Patrice Desilets" feature, because we assume it highlights alternate facial hair choices for the Ubisoft developer. October Issue Revealed [GI - thanks, Ian!]