Star Fox 2 Almost Had A Black Female Pilot With Incredible Hair, And I. Am. Smitten.

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One drip of information in the deluge coming from Nintendo’s latest “Gigaleak” was source code and unused assets for Star Fox 2, including a never-before-seen human character. Completed in 1995, Nintendo shelved the game out of fear it’d look inferior to the next-gen graphics of the PlayStation. (The game was subsequently released as an unlockable title on the SNES Classic in 2017.) But none of that matters to me.



Her hair, the easy confidence of her smirk. THE HAIR!!


Even one of the game’s creators, Dylan Cuthbert, doesn’t know.

Could we have gotten a Star Fox where humans lived and loved right alongside anthropomorphized falcons, foxes, and barrel-rolling bunnies? (Is it passé to make a barrel roll joke in 2020?) More importantly, could we have had Nintendo’s first Black female character in 1995 instead of waiting for, depending on if a Game Freak game even qualifies, Lenora in Pokémon Black/White some 15 years later? (Am I forgetting anyone? I’d love to be corrected here.)

She could have been the representation that little Black girls playing Nintendo needed back when video games were still “for boys and white folks.”. And she was a pilot. How many more Black aviatrixes could we have had behind her?


I don’t begrudge Nintendo for not including her in the final game—I understand the limitations of game development. I also don’t want to think about what kind of contortions my brain would have to undergo to justify humans in a universe full of upright talking frogs. Though I hope, as more information contained within the leak is brought to life, that we can learn more about her.

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Pedro Silva

I dont know why but i always tought Peppy had a huge red afro on the first game