A recently-released Star Citizen video demonstrates the game’s upcoming procedurally-generated planet system by zooming out from the pupil of a pilot all the way into space.

Yeah yeah, No Man’s Sky called, they want their planet-making tech back, but in the realistic (well, as realistic as it can be) universe of the crowd-funded Star Citizen, we’re going to need something a bit more realistic.

What I find most impressive about the video is the transition into space. Zooming from a face to the sky is nice enough, but once the light scattering and haze starts kicking in and then we break atmosphere and take to the skies—-that’s the moment I want the most.


Of course we’ve not seen it in practice yet—I’m still trying to get the 2.0 alpha to run smoothly on my computer. But if the devs make this and the hundred other things they are doing work, space heads will have a never-ending universe to explore.

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