In today's episode of Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Phantomlink wants to know all about your deeply buried video game cheating past. Were you a cheater? Are you a cheater? Don't be shy.

Who here are cheaters? A pretty simple question. We've all had the temptation at one point or another, and everyone has given it a shot, even just to try it out ( Video games here people, video games )

I was talking with some friends the other day and it had me thinking. This era of console gaming I think I can only recall once where I've cheated in some way ( codes, glitches, "cleaver use of game mechanics" and that was in Grand Theft Auto IV ( because seriously... You've just gotta when you want to sit down and just cause mayhem ) Previous to that my cheating days were all back on the Ps2. Ya I had a Gameshark but a lot of the games I played back then had a good selection of built in cheats that gave it that fun factor. I have noticed however that whenever I visit a game's page on Gamefaqs that if I do click on the Cheats tab that a lot of games don't really seem to have cheats for them anymore, or at least the variety we've had 6-10 years ago.

Do you give cheating certain rules in your games? Like say, one cheat a level, x many cheats the entire game or do you beat it first legit then go through it again cheating your ass off just to have a good time or see how crazy things can stack up. Do FAQs count to you as cheating or is it a helping hand? I'll use a FAQ as little as possible when there's no other choice when I'm playing a game. I used to be a FAQ abuser but as you can guess I learned it takes some fun/frustration away from the game causing the experience to lower itself when the game is finally completed.


Does it give you that little Gamer-High to play like a God from time to time like someone would get from dominating an entire team or round of say... Call of Duty or Halo? Do you use it ONLY when there's no other choice for you because you just can't get past that next part of the game no matter how hard you try? Or are there people out there who are gaming Angels who play every game by the rules? Let's see what Kotaku has to say.

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