Stan Lee, Ellijah Wood, Carlos Santana... and Crecente Duke it Out With Spore's Creature Creator

Electronic Arts recently asked me to participate in a bit of Sporelebrity.

The publisher handed out 50 or so copies of the Spore Creature Creator to a bunch of celebrities (and me) and asked them to create a single, marvelous creature. This eclectic selection of creatures will then be posted on an Electronic Arts site for people to vote on next week. The winner gets $15,000 donated to the charity of his or her choice.


I've been able to cobble together a short list of some of the folks I'm competing against:

Stan Lee

Richard Branson

David Lynch

Ellijah Wood

Kevin Rose

Mark Cuban

Curt Schilling

Kent Nichols

Robert Scoble

Veronica Belmont

Carlos Santana

Bijou Phillips

Flight of the Conchords

Good thing none of these people are rich, powerful or creative... man I'm screwed. Maybe I should take the low road and create a giant penis creature? Neah, it's too much fun making abominations to God.


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