Yes, yes, I know many of you sent in tips about Stan Bush's destined for Guitar Hero or Rock Band hit "The Touch" appearing in this week's episode of NBC's retail spy series Chuck, but this particular video was pointed out to me by Stan himself. The song is appropriately used during a montage in which the Buy More store Chuck works at is preparing for a fictional event in which one of the characters - a gaming legend, apparently - is making an attempt at reaching the kill screen in Missile Command, which doesn't actually exist. From Stan the man himself:

I want to thank you for the support and the post regarding the Rock Band / Guitar Hero thing. Still got my fingers crossed. Not sure if you were watching but Monday night "The Touch" was featured on Chuck (NBC). It was awesome!


The man has his fingers crossed! Harmonix! Activision! Heed our words! This must happen, or there will be some sort of dire portents, probably.

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