STALKER TV Show Pilot Looks As Bleak As The Game

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Cult favourite PC shooter series STALKER is trying to earn itself a TV series deal, with the game's developers paying for the production of a pilot episode.


The show has been put together by a media outfit called Transvision, and as you'll see in the clip below, is doing a pretty good job of capturing the whole "sad men with guns hanging out in a desolate wasteland" thing the game series does so well.

STALKER developers GSC Game World tell Kotaku production of the pilot episode (from which all the footage in the preview clip below has been taken) has been entirely self-funded by the studio. Negotiations are currently underway with Russian and Ukrainian TV networks for a series deal, which if successful would see a full series produced and broadcast across the markets of the former Soviet Union. And if it's successful there? GSC say "we are interested in licensing the distribution rights to other territories, such as Western Europe, North America etc."

So we've got a TV show based on a game that was based on a 1979 movie which was based on a 1971 book. What's next? A musical?

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You'd be hard-pressed to find a game that has this kind of social impact.

Also, I think this is a tv show based on the books based on the games based on the film based on the original book by the Strugatsky's. I heard there were like fifty of the game-based books out there.

It's an utterly fascinating concept, and the games are great—it would be nice, I think, if some American writers/voice artists could provide the GSC guys a few pointers—as much as I love the games, they could benefit from better writing/dialog/voice acting.