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Stalker Found Guilty Of...Stalking

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A verdict has been reached in the court against against Hiroshi Sasaki, the man accused of stalking voice actress Haruna Ikezawa.


Ikezawa, who voices Athena in The King of Fighters games and Momoka in Sgt. Frog, wrote on her blog in February that she had a restraining order against a stalker who was following her through the streets at night.

From February to April 2009, Sasaki sent 16 emails to her, asking for a personal meeting. Sasaki also wrote defamatory comments on Ikezawa's homepage.


In a surprise move, Sasaki's defense stated that Ikezawa's comments were not credible and that the two were actually engaged in a romantic relationship. (Thus, Sasaki wasn't stalking her!)

The accused has been found guilty of violating Japan's anti-stalking law and has been slapped with an 18-month sentence. It, however, has been suspended for five years, meaning that if Sasaki does not violate the law during this period, he won't have to do time.

When handing down the sentencing, the judge called Sasaki's actions a "selfish, despicable crime."

声優・池沢春菜にストーカーで有罪判決(芸能) [スポニチ Sponichi Annex ニュース via Anime News Network] [Pic]