Squirrel Steals Man's GoPro, Because Squirrels Are Jerks

It may look like this adorably chubby squirrel is just innocently scampering about, but that's just what it wants you to think. This tree rat is about to commit a crime.


I supposed we can't really blame the squirrel. YouTube video maker Viva Frei (via Tastefully Offensive) tied a piece of bread to his GoPro and placed it in a know squirrel hangout. If I were hungry and saw a piece of bread attached to a GoPro just sitting around, I'd probably climb up a tree and drop it once I finished eating the bread too.

Now some may consider this an act of cruelty, making squirrels carry boxy little video cameras about town. It's okay. Squirrels, like raccoon, are big fans of everyone else's stuff, and allowing them to take it away is the highest honor one can bestow upon them.


And even if I just made all of that up, eventually they made the cameraman climb the tree himself, so they're even.

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I take umbrage at your suggestion that squirrels are jerks! That, sir, I cannot abide! Squirrels are fluffy critters of materialized cuteness and you should be ashamed of yourself—nay—appalled by your denigration of the Maker's most beautiful animals.