Square Issues Order Of War This Month

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Square Enix releases their first Western-developed game outside of Japan this month, bringing Wargaming.net's World War II strategy title Order of War to North American PCs on September 22nd.


Order of War is only the first of three Western-developed titles coming to North America via Square Enix and its new global agenda, along with Gas Powered Games' Supreme Commander 2 and Double Helix's Front Mission Evolved. Order of War promises large-scale battles in which players take control of the Germans or the Americans as they battle in occupied France and Poland.

Yes, it's another World War II game, but I can't see Square Enix jumping on the World War II bandwagon unless they thought they had something pretty damn special on their hands. Players can judge for themselves by downloading the single-player demo, available right now at http://www.orderofwar.com.

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This and Modern Warfare 2. Squaresoft is trying to get a feel for the Western style of game design, and then take over here too :|