Square Enix's Next-Gen Engine Sure Makes Eyeballs Look Pretty

We may know nothing official about the next generation of consoles, but we do know what Final Fantasy overseers Square Enix hope their games will look like on them, courtesy of its 2012 debut of the Luminous engine.


These two videos give us a closer look at the tech demo first shown at E3, zooming right in and showing off the detail of the 3D models, as well as the lighting, used in what looks like a realtime demonstration.


Agni's Philosophyでの皮膚表現のデモ [4Gamer]

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Char Aznable

8/10 of the comment threads available are complaintive. Not surprising I guess. :( When I see this I think, "oh, awesome! I wonder what other games will use this?" *shrug* Everyone's different, but it sucks to see so much negativity when something this cool is shown.