Available today on the iTunes App Store, Square Enix's free-to-play Wizardlings is a casual tap adventure in which a pair of tiny wizards reveal a magical fantasy world, one block at a time. It's cute, colorful and incredibly evil.


Taking control of one of two wizards—boy or girl—the player moves cross grid-based levels, tapping on darkened squares to free the land of a shadowy curse. As the players taps they also reveal components for casting spells, enemies to cast spells on, and objects necessary to complete quests—hay bales to feed hungry unicorns, for instance.

How is it evil? Spells cost components to cast, and should you run out of them on a given playfield the only choice is to purchase them using real money in the in-game store. Should your mana run out you have to purchase more, or wait for it to replenish.


Update: Square notes that you can still use basic attacks from your wand without spells, and the wand can be leveled up as you play.

I'm fine waiting, but when I have to remain connected to the internet to play—and I do—that's a bit more of a drain on my iPad resources than I need to suffer.

It's a pity, it's a rather cute little game. See how far you get in Wizardlings before hitting the pay wall.

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