This is pretty much perfect. Last night Square Enix announced a cloud-gaming service called Shinra Technologies. They're working with Avalanche Studios on the deal.


The actual details of Shinra Technologies remain vague for now, though the tech seems pretty promising:

Shinra Technologies, Inc. is a cloud gaming company whose business is based on its unique, patented technologies. Working with partner companies in the datacenter and network space, Shinra has created an optimized datacenter environment for the highest-quality cloud games. Shinra intends to closely collaborate with cutting-edge game studios to develop new, never-before-seen game experiences, and will become the hub of a high-end cloud community for gamers.

Shinra uses its original architecture to offer games with the power of a "virtual supercomputer," thus enabling radically new experiences not possible on PCs or game consoles. All games are streamed as video, and Shinra requires no particular hardware to play its games. Furthermore, Shinra has partnered with world-class infrastructure and network providers to ensure high video quality and minimal latency.

Shinra has already begun negotiations with best-in-class developers worldwide.

But, more importantly, it's called Shinra, which is hilarious in every possible way. When they eventually start abusing poor people and building giant energy cannons, you'll know why.

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All this "cloud gaming is the future" business makes me antsy because I feel that it might diminish the user's control over her own data. Who am I to make predictions, though? Maybe it's more secure to have dedicated server managers watching over your precious FFVII save files.

Replacement of high-powered consoles with low-powered versions that essentially amount to streaming boxes might be better for the environment, though.