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Next year will see the release of two massive, time-devouring JRPGs that many people have been anticipating for close to a decade: Final Fantasy XV and Persona 5. So Square Enix is asking the question on everyone’s mind: Which one are you gonna buy?


In a survey on their website today—via—Square asks prospective buyers to imagine a world in which FFXV and Persona come out around the same time (next summer). In that scenario, Square asks, which would you prefer? There’s no option for “both,” so you’ll have to envision a scenario where you have to pick one to play first.

Right now Persona 5 is slated for next summer, and FFXV is just “2016,” with Square promising a March event in which they’ll announce an actual release date. The two games might land pretty close to one another. So Square’s question is a good one, and it’s a question I want to take to you, my Kotaku brethren. Which game will you get first?

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