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Square Enix Lose Money, Need More Greenbacks

Illustration for article titled Square Enix Lose Money, Need More Greenbacks

OH. OH. So this is why Square-Enix boss Yoichi Wada said they needed to "go beyond traditional Square Enix". The company have released their FY2007 financial results, which not only show them losing money (with a 20% drop in profits), but losing a ton of Western market share in the process. The company's performance in the US should be of particular concern (Europe, it did OK), as it dropped like a rock, from 6.1 million games sold in FY2006 (during which FFXII was released) compared to only 3.7 million last year, while sales were up in Japan, from 7.2 million sold to 7.5 million. Guess Japan love them some remakes of games they've already played! And America, well, America notsomuch.


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This can be a crazy ideia, but:


I still remember the time when a game by Squaresoft or Enix was a hallmark in videogaming history.

So, why do you keep bleeding out of talent? Why does every single "great guru" leaves you and becomes independant? Why are you remaking games instead of re-releasing your SNES backcatalogue on the Wii VC!? Or, dare I say, make new ones!?

We need more "The World Ends With You", "Final Fantasy: My Life as a King", "Front Mission DS"! Go back in time and be more truthful to your roots. Im from Portugal and as most of us europeans, we never had Finfal Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG on our PAL SNES. Why don't you want my €uros, by putting them on the Wii VC!? Can you even imagine if you translated Seiken Desentsu 3 to english and release it today?

But what do I know, eh? Im just repeating what hundreads (thousands?) of fans know to be commom sense. Yorue bleeding money and yet you don't seem to want to take the simple "easy way out" wich is (incredibly) give fans what they want. Remake "Final Fantasy VI" if you must, but at least don't do it on the PS3 alone, give to everybody: PS3, 360, Wii, PSP, DS. Exclusivity is so 1999, anyway...

Survive and become what you once where: the king of japanese videogames!

(...too much? Sorry was playing Secret of Mana last night, I get emotional...)