Square Enix Launch Takeover Bid For Eidos

Square Enix are serious about cracking the Western market with games that don't include the words "Final" and "Fantasy". Want to know how serious? They just made a takeover bid for Eidos.


Home to Lara Croft, Eidos have been in a financial pickle of late, and are already in takeover talks with Warner Bros. Square Enix making a run at them, though, is far more interesting.

Warner Bros are, according to those in the know, the front-runners to snag the deal. They already own 20% of Eidos, making a takeover purchase a cheap one. But Square can't be counted out.


Square boss Yoichi Wada has already popped in for tea and biscuits at Eidos-owned IO Interactive (Hitman, Kane & Lynch), and will be flying back to the UK soon to "move the deal forward".

Square Enix and Tomb Raider? Stranger things have happened in this business! Not many, though.

Square makes late Eidos bid – but Warner in pole position [MCV]

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