Square Enix Is Releasing A Brand New, Original, Old-School Final Fantasy Game

It's called Final Fantasy Dimensions, and it will be out for iOS and Android this summer. Looks like Final Fantasy IV or Final Fantasy V, no? It's not: it's a nostalgia-themed original game with touchscreen controls and some seriously classic gameplay. It was also released in Japan two years ago under the name Final Fantasy Legends. (Not to be confused with Final Fantasy Legend, which is the U.S. version of something that isn't a Final Fantasy game at all, but let's not get into that right now.)


Classic role-playing games seem to work really well on touchscreens, as evidenced by the success of Square Enix's ports and indies like Dragon Fantasy, so I'm looking forward to this one. Check out the video above, as shot on the show floor during E3 this week, to see the whole thing in all of its old-school glory.

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I liked the old Final Fantasy games, but on the whole this makes me sad. SQEENIX was a great studio back in the FFX days, really pushing the boundaries of the JRPG form. Then they tried a radical new direction for their next game—and it didn't do so well. But I feel like they were beginning to grasp something...a new direction for JRPGs that might have resulted in a real gem.

But their fandom turned on them, and it looks like they're just gonna trot out their greatest hits over and over again....