When game companies Square and Enix merged in 2003, JRPG fans were on edge as to what masterpiece the new juggernaut was sure to make. They made a game. And now, 11 years later, they've brought it back. It's not the game you think it is.

The first game that was developed and released in May, 2003 by Square Enix as "Square Enix" was Shissou, Yankee Damashii (疾走、ヤンキー魂), a game developed as an MMORPG for the PC that allowed players to play as a Japanese Yankee (Note, in Japan, the term "yankee" describes a delinquent youth, often involved with gangs, riding bikes, and generally causing trouble). For reference: The main character, Onizuka from the Japanese manga/anime Great Teacher Onizuka was a former yankee.

Yes, this game did exist.

The original MMO ended its service in 2010, but apparently, due to popular demand, it has been revived for Android platforms. An iOS version is also in development.


The story of the new revived game, Shissou, Yankee Damashii (疾走、ヤンキー魂) involves a "legendary yankee," the number one thug in Japan, named Masaomi Kuji. One day, Kuji relinquished his throne and along with it, the source of his power, the 108 "raging souls" before disappearing. The souls were scattered across the land where they find new hosts. The protagonist of the game, a boy named Shota, bears the soul of Unyielding. Together with his friends, the bearers of the 6 souls of good, Shota seeks to defeat the hosts of the 101 souls of evil and fulfill his brother's dream of becoming the number one yankee.

Here's the opening cinematic.

Yeah. It's kinda nuts in an entertaining way.

In the game, players race, fight, build, and customize their clothes and rides as they fight to defeat the 101 evil souls on their quest. There are also multi-player modes where you can compete together with friends against rival teams.


Shissou, Yankee Damashii is currently available for Android platforms in Japan. An iOS version is currently in development. No word on an English version.

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