Square Enix in Trouble with SNK and the Cops

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Police are investigating Square Enix for allegedly using copyrighted SNK characters in the manga High Score Girl. Square Enix, which publishes the manga, says it didn't receive requests from SNK to halt publication and SNK says it never gave Square Enix permission to use its characters in the manga.

According to Sankei News, characters from SNK's The King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown games appear in the manga, which is set during the early 1990s, over a hundred times.

High Score Girl is slated to be turned into an anime, and it wasn't until a production company contacted SNK about using characters and sound effects, that SNK apparently realized what had happened.


The police are conducting a search of Square Enix's headquarters and will question those connected to the manga.

人気漫画に他社のゲームキャラが…ドラクエの「スクエニ」を著作権侵害容疑で捜索 大阪府警 [産経ニュース]

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Sniper Gillespie

I get that its about kids that play video games in the 90s and so obviously it would feature some of the games they play, but Square Enix thoroughly effed up. They can't illustrate characters that they don't own without permission. Especially if they're going to sell the manga for profit, which they are and do.

BTW, its not just SNK characters. The Manga has also featured Capcom characters, notably from the Street Fighter series. They can't claim they didn't know that they were supposed to get permission. After all, they are a company that enforces control over their own characters.