Square Enix Has Their Own Radio Channel

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Square Enix fans rejoice: the publisher has opened up a streaming radio channel that plays music from many of their games for free. There aren't a huge number of games yet, but hey, Xenogears is on here, which should make many people happy, judging by the zealous comments I regularly hear about that game's soundtrack.


The setup is simple, really—click on a game and music begins to play. In what's actually a nice touch, you don't choose from music from the game; each game is more akin to an internet radio channel than a YouTube playlist. But that's nice! I like not having to worry about which track I want to listen to next sometimes and just let the tunes flow.

Awesome, there is also a knob for "emotion." Here's hoping they add more games in the future.


(Note: I got this site working fine on my PC but had some issues with it on Mac. It's worth giving it a shot in a few different browsers.)

Square Enix Audio [Official Page via Andriasang]

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Paradox me

Mmm, Nier soundtrack.

I wish the game got a more favorable reception so that we'd get a sequel. :(