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Square Enix - Final Fantasy Versus XIII Not On Hold

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday we reported that on comments made by Final Fantasy Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura in the latest issue of Famitsu that seemed to indicate that the game was being put on hold while team members helped get plain old FFXIII out the door. Not true, says Square Enix.

"Reports that development for Final Fantasy Versus XIII is on hold are false," the publisher said in a statement passed on to Eurogamer. "The truth of the situation is that when free, some staff from the Versus team have been helping with the XIII team on development of Final Fantasy XIII. Development for both titles is continuing as originally scheduled."

So either a misunderstood statement or perhaps someone a bit ticked that his staff is being nicked exaggerating a bit. I'm just a bit boggled by the very concept of game developers with free time myself. Does that happen?


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