Square Enix FFXIII Event Liveblog Incoming

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Tonight in Tokyo, Square Enix is holding a Final Fantasy XIII event, and we'll be there liveblogging our brains out. By "we", we mean "me".


The event will start at 7:00pm Japan Time (which is 4am Kotaku Time) and is expected to run for two hours. Be sure to check back for our liveblog and any breaking FFXIII news.

Any guesses on what will be announced?


I'd like to believe that something meaningful will be announced, but part of me thinks they'll take the stage and announce that FF13 and FF14 will be released the same day, marking the first time ever that a game and its direct sequel have had simultaneous launches! The crowd goes wild!

And that day will be in late Q3 '10. Calendar, not fiscal, in case you still wanted a shred of hope. Oh, and that '10? It's 3010.

I'm not even sure I have any interest left in playing ff13. "outta sight outta mind" is coming into play here.