Square Enix Expecting 360 To Improve In Japan

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The Xbox 360's been doing great in Japan in recent months. So great, in fact, that even traditional, cranky old Square Enix are on the Microsoft bandwagon. They're even painting a rosy picture for the console's future in Japan. "We expect the Xbox 360 to increase its Japanese market presence even more in the coming months", Square Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto told Edge online. "There is a growing interest in Xbox 360 among Japanese users, due to the release of familiar titles, the increasing appeal of overseas titles, and the excellent reputation of the Xbox 360’s network services". So, uh, why then isn't Final Fantasy XIII coming out on 360 in Japan? That burning question goes unanswered. Maybe it needs to be asked of Sony, and not Square Enix... Japan’s 360 Turnaround [Edge] [Image]


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