Spot the Comics References in the The Dark Knight Rises’ Newest Trailer

If you know your Bat-continuity, then the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises appears to be chock full of nods to various Dark Knight storylines over the years. There's an apparent earthquake and a scene where Gotham gets cut off from the rest of the world. Those moments along with rioting in streets hint at some references to the No Man's Land story arc. And for a guy who said he'd never put Robin in his Batman movies—even though he makes Batman better—Christopher Nolan sure likes having young boys be in love with the Dark Knight's mystique.

And Bane appears to be instigating a prison break, much like he did in the Knightfall event. And if you know what happened in that storyline, then you can only assume that mask fragment in his hands means bad things for Bruce Wayne. What are you seeing in this trailer that looks pulled from the comics?


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