Spot Crecente, Win Schwag

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This morning my family and I are kicking off a two-and-a-half week road trip that will have us traveling across a dozen states or so.


I figured that since I live in the middle of nowhere it would be fun to bring some schwag along.

Here's the deal, I've got a smallish stash of freebies that I'll be handing out of to anyone who spots me over the next couple of weeks. Just flag me down and say you're a Kotaku reader. It's not a ton of stuff and I have no idea if anyone will notice me during my travels, so I can't really say how long the freebies will last. In other words, if I don't have anything for you if you do spot me, don't be annoyed and sorry in advance.


I'll be traveling through Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and back to Colorado. We're mostly just passing through these states, with a few stops along the way in places like El Paso, Fort Worth, New Orleans and Moultrie, Georgia.

As is often the case, Trish will be driving and I'll be writing shotgun. (See what I did there?) But I hope to squeeze in a bit of road gaming along the way on the DSi, PSP or iPhone.

Do you have any summer trips planned?

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Kentucky? Yes!! You might actually travel through Lexington if you're going to Tennessee and Illinois. Did you know it's the "Horse Capital of the World?" Yet, the Kentucky Derby is in Louisville! You should come to Lexington! Not quite as glamourous as Louisville, but a great place to grow up! Will you inform us of your current destination on Twitter?