Sporelebrity Contest Kicks Off

Last month Electronic Arts contacted me to see if I would be willing to create a Spore creature for charity. The idea was that 70 handpicked "celebrities" from the Internets and meatspace would create a creature and send them to EA, which would in turn allow the public to vote on the best creation.

The winner of this little Sporelebrity contest would have $15,000 donated to the charity of his or her choice. Going up against such truly famous people as Carlos Santana, Emeril Lagasse, Richard Branson and Stan Lee, I know I don't stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning. But if by some bizarre twist of fate people selected my TickleMeKotaku creature (which has a prehensile Tickleme Elmo tail) then $10,000 would be donated to Child's Play and the remaining $5,000 would be donated to Jennifer Ann's Group.


Since most of my competitors are absolutely crushing me I have no problem urging you to vote and vote often, really often, for TMK. They announce the winner on July 18, I'm told.

Spore Vote

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