Spore Goes Gold For A Sept 7th Release

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Ladies and gentlemen, fire up the Creature Creator and prepare your finest penis-armed tripeds — Spore has left the building.

Even as I type, teams of misshapen, feather-crested spidergoats are ferrying the Gold disc over to the DVD factory with a note from Will Wright and a calender with a big red ring around September 7th.

The 'proper' versions of Spore for the PC & Mac will be accompanied by Spore Creatures for the Nintendo DS. iPhone owners will get their callused multi-touching fingers on Spore Origins on September 4th.


Spore Goes Gold, Definitely Arriving September 7 [Shacknews]

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If, according to the mac requirements, it runs on my MacBook as well as I think it will, train trips are going to be much less boring from now on!