Spore Galactic Adventures Delivers Exploding Barrel Action

This new trailer for the Spore Galactic Adventures expansion proves that even after millions of years of evolution, a species just cannot live without exploding barrels.

I'm actually rather excited to be able to take my Spore creations and do something a bit more game-like with them this spring, sharing Crecente's opinion that, while each of the game's stages was entertaining, they weren't particularly deep. I'm just a bit tickled that superior alien species can't come up with a separate storage space for their exploding barrels, or better yet - make barrels that don't explode. At the very least paint them a color other than red. Everyone knows that a red barrel equals an explosion. A little misdirection goes a long way. Hey, let's make the land mines square and white, with little red crosses on them! Anyone?

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