Split/Second Trailer Is About The Only Thing Not Exploding

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I don't like the name "Split/Second". It's stupid. Stupid like inFamous. You know what would be better? "Jerry Bruckheimer Presents: Burnout".

Not that that's a bad thing. Explosions and cars look like they're going to go together just fine.

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Why the hell is Disney involved in stuff like this these days? Shouldn't the Disney logo on a product be pretty much the equivalent of a huge neon light sign that says: "DON'T FUCKING BUY THIS PRODUCT". Shouldn't it be synonymous with something incredibly lame and unexciting?

(And no, Kingdom Hearts ISN'T cool)

I'm not saying that I like racing games. But still, this is a fucking racing game where you blow shit up!

What does Disney have to do with racing and blowing shit up? NOTHING! Disney doesn't race or do explosions! Disney is all about small snimals singing, fairy godmothers and fucking dalmatians!

What has happened?

Since when has Disney been cool?