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Splinter Cell, Prince Of Persia HD Collections Coming To Xbox 360?

According to the ESRB's website, the Splinter Cell and prince of Persia HD collections due for the PlayStation 3 will also be making an appearance on the Xbox 360.


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Wow, Ubisoft is really out of ideas (what happened to Beyond Good & Evil 2???) when it needs to release these old games in HD on the Xbox 360 when the old Xbox games with the same titles are working on the 360 (backward compatibility FTW). These games gonna look ugly on a HD screen, since in HD you gonna notice the low polygons much more than on an interlaced TV in SD resolution. I doubt Ubisoft is going to soup up these HD collection by changing the engines of Splinter Cell (jumping from Unreal 2 to Unreal 3 engine for example) and makes it look more "next-gen" (or should I say current gen?). Otherwise this would have been called the HD Remakes, right?