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Splinter Cell: Conviction And The Amazing Split-Screen Co-Operative Mode [Update]

We like this, Ubisoft. Instead of putting together a boring press release, or another unbearable developer diary, the latest Splinter Cell: Conviction reveal came in the form of a screenshot excited little note?

coop mode split screen confirmed!

Is what the note said, with the screenshot showing, well, the fact the game has split-screen co-operative play.


Remember that? Split-screen co-op? It's how people used to team up in the days before the internet, and technology or not, is still the best way to play side-by-side with a friend. Nice to know the game will include it.

I only say this because I had a friend stay over during the Christmas break, and when he got here, we went to the shops to buy a good co-op game. We'd already played both Gears games and all three Halo titles, meaning we were stuck with...well, we got Army of Two. Which was returned within the week.


UPDATE - Ubisoft this morning sent through a second screenshot. Enjoy.

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