Splatoon 2 Has A New Pair Of Squid Idols And They Are Perfect

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Given that Marie and Callie have split, squid kids need new pop singers. Enter Pearl and Marina, Splatoon 2's freshest new sound.


Like the first game, Splatoon 2 will feature “Splatfests” where players can join teams based on voting preferences. During these events, the common square lights up, and music booms through the streets—all courtesy of these two:

We only saw a couple of minutes of Pearl and Marina, but I already love them. Note that Marina is an Octoling, which is a curious choice given the ongoing war among squids and Octolings. What are the lore implications here? In any case, this pair doesn’t seem to bicker as much as Marie and Callie, but they do seem goofy. And, like before, they will each represent a side of the vote.

According to Nintendo, the first Splatfest will be themed around cake and ice cream. In a twist, this event will happen before the release of the game, for anyone who downloads the Splatoon 2 demo:

In the first game, many of the Splatfests seemed inconsequential—just people fighting over silly preferences. Later, we found out that our votes actually influenced the story of Splatoon 2, causing the loser of the vote to fall from grace. So, vote carefully, everyone. The fate of Inkopolis may rest on whether or not you like cake or ice cream.


Splatoon 2 releases for the Nintendo Switch on July 21st. Rest in peace, Marie and Callie. These new tunes are hot:


sailor shitpost

Man, it probably sucks to be a Pearl fan because there seems to be near-universal agreement that Marina is better.

Fans have been asking for more Octoling characters and lore since the game came out, so making Marina an Octoling instantly increases her hype levels by 1000%. Poor Pearl gets overshadowed pretty much instantly. Like, why not make both of them Octolings?

Unless maybe we’re going to get some story progression where the Inklings and Octolings manage to form a truce? How are Inklings going to treat Marina without that truce? “Squid privilege” is definitely a thing in the Splatoon universe... they have a big superiority complex according to lore in the first game... I can’t help but worry that some Inklings would logically act really shitty towards Marina.......... Does Marina have to deal with trolls on Squid Twitter, I wonder.....................