Spielberg Afraid of Over-The-Top Game Violence

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Director Steven Speilberg is known for crafting some seriously intense, gut-wrenching cinematic scenes. But those are just movies! No biggie!! Games, games are different. Just hear what Spielberg has to say:

...some games are so over-the-top violent and so extraordinarily interactive that I am even afraid of them. I am not going to name names... My kids will never go in and take an R-rated DVD and play it. But there is something very compelling and different about the artwork on the box of what might be an M game that could tempt my kids... There are games that are taboo. And I won't have them on the premises. I don't want my kids saying, 'How come Dad is playing that and we can't?'


Because you're Steven Spielberg and they're not? Durrr.

Side note: Watched Temple of Doom three times today. Damn, that's a good movie.
Spielberg Switches [USA Today via Go Nintendo]


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