Spider-Man's Windows Are Amazing

When you live in a giant city like New York, you stop noticing certain things. Spider-Man for the PS4 lets you swing 80 stories above the city, but it still takes time to indulge in little details that remind me of the life that happens all around that I usually tune out. One of my favorite details is the ability to actually see through windows. It sounds minor, but I found it mind blowing.


Previous Spider-Man games didn’t let you see inside buildings, drawing the blinds or just reflecting the city back at you. In the latest game, though, you can actually peek inside the buildings you’re swinging between. The first time I noticed bedrooms and offices full of furniture, I was floored. Crawling along a building and checking it out up close reveals that the rooms’ decor appears to be 2D textures rather than 3D models, and many rooms have doors that lead nowhere or other illusion-breaking touches, but it’s still a neat trick that gives the effect of a lived-in space. Up close it can lose some of its luster, but from far away, it’s really clever.

Being able to see through windows makes Spider-Man’s New York feel lived in and real. This highlights how amazing Spidey’s abilities really are by putting him in contrast to the everyday world where I can’t just swing from a skyscraper downtown to Harlem in a few minutes.

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Brian Mieszala

While I did notice that and thought it was a great detail, when you adjust the camera so the city does reflect back (it doesn’t always), you don’t see Spiderman’s reflection. You see shadows and blur as a means of reflection, and I don’t know how difficult it is to code that sort of thing into a game, but it’s weird to me that that detail isn’t good when seeing into buildings is much more minor yet vastly more fleshed out