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Spider-Man, Doctor Who, Fennel & More

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Tonight's open thread is brought to you by fennel. Let's all thank the great bulb for hosting this semi-nightly post where off-topic conversation thrives.


After a hard day of dealing with the death of Guitar Hero and the threat of even more Call of Duty, let's all take a moment to share better, more enlightening news with the group. Like the news that I'm about to chow down on some delicious fennel! Hell yes.

Perhaps some of these non-fennel items will encourage you to talk amongst yourselves.


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I believe the diet soda study has the same problems that every other study finding issues with aspartame/nutrasweet has: it's a correlational cross-sectional study, and doesn't control its population well enough. That's why you only get a handful of these things, but the media never runs with the myriad studies which find opposite results. The truth is, if you drink diet soda, you are also more likely to be obese (explaining why you're drinking diet coke in the first place). If you are obese, you are more likely to have a stroke or heart attack. Correlations! I'm really glad we had this talk, Media.

For that matter, the study that found that drinking diet coke is linked to stomach cancer had the same problem. If you drink diet coke, you're more likely to be obese, which means you're more likely to be rich, which means you're more likely to have good hygiene, which puts you at marginally greater risk for one kind of stomach cancer and decreased risk for a hundred others.