Spend Your Next Seven Minutes Watching This New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer

Do you like Final Fantasy games? Do you like Square-Enix's brand of role-playing game drama? Then spend seven minutes watching this new Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer. Over on YouTube, the commenters tried to derail things by demanding Kingdom Hearts 3. You wouldn't do that here, would you?


FFXIII-2 will be out in North America for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Wow didnt think Hope could look any lamer but slap a little tie on him and boom! Also remember when Final Fantasy music was you know good, what the hell happened? Why would they just change everything that Nobuo Uematsu did for Final Fantasy!

Ugh im a huge FF fan and I hate too say it but I think they need to stop till they have a team that know what the fuck there doing..... heres wishing that FF versus 13 is takes that bad taste out of my mouth.....guess ill have to wait till next gen till that happens.

Im still going to buy it since im a sucker like that. What do I know maybe it will be better then ff13....maybe.

ps: sorry for the rant