Spend Twelve Minutes with Milla Jovovich. Look at Resident Evil Movie Sets

They're making another Resident Evil movie, and it's called Retribution. Star Milla Jovovich, who's been showing behind-the-scenes footage, gives a tour of the sets. Together, both clips are nearly twelve minutes long.


Jovovich introduces crew members, shows off trailers, diggers, and even the soundstage where they are shooting. For fans, it's a neat peek at the film's making.


With so many celebrities not quite "getting" Twitter, it's cool to see one that does.

Resident Evil: Retribution will hit theaters Sept. 14, 2012.

Part 1 [tweetreel]
Part 2 [tweetreel via Twitter via BD]

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So nice of her to introduce us to EVERYONE!!!

jk, she's perfection