Spellirium is an Amazing Game, But The Goggles, They Do Nothing

Untold Entertainment's Spellirium, described by the legendary Tim Schafer as "if Loom and Boggle had a baby", is a ridiculously nifty word adventure that I'm proud to say I preordered. It's also completely wasted on the Oculus Rift VR headset.


While I've heard it's pretty cool for games like Team Fortress 2, with a game like Spellirium the Oculus Rift is little more than a vision-encompassing monitor that never leaves your face. I imagine walking around with a 2D image that never changes must be incredibly disorienting. I kinda want to try it.

I'll tell you more about Spellirium later. Just imagine a word game where, in order to shear a sheep, you have to spell out words associated with shearing. It's a word geek's dream. Did I mention it was from the maker of Ponycorn Adventure? Go look at it.


Mike Fahey

For those of you missing it, he's being silly, riffing on the other Oculus Rift reaction videos.