Speedrunners Organize Two-Day Marathon For Hurricane Harvey Relief

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Games Done Quick, the folks behind the popular semi-annual week-long charity speedrunning marathons, are holding an impromptu two-day event to raise money to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Running from from 8PM Eastern today through 8PM Sunday, Harvey Relief Done Quick is a speedrunning marathon raising money for the Houston Food Bank, an organization that’s using its resources to feed people displaced by the disaster. Speedrunners will tackle 45 games during the event, from Bastion to Wario Land 4. The event is being broadcast on Twitch, with 100 percent of viewer donations going towards the relief effort.

What’s amazing is how fast this event came together. Games Done Quick tweeted a poll on Wednesday, August 30, gauging interest in a Harvey charity stream.


At 4PM they posted a form for speedrunners to submit their runs to be considered for inclusion in the event. By 11PM they had over 350 submissions. Less than a day later, Harvey Relief Done Quick was made official.

Games Done Quick just speedrun setting up a charity speedrun marathon. Tune into their Twitch channel starting at 8PM tonight if you want to help incredibly talented gamers do a lot of good.

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Ben Bertoli

Wow. That’s awesome! I love GDQ and this is a great cause.