Speedrunners Are Beating Hitman 3's Dubai Level In Under 10 Seconds

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Hitman 3's opening level, set in a large tower in Dubai, is made up of various floors, rooms, and security measures. It’s a tricky stage for many players. But if you are quick, have a steady hand, and some luck, you can beat the whole thing in about nine seconds.


As spotted by PCGamesN, some Hitman speedrunners have already figured out a super fast way to take out both targets in the opening level.

How do you do it? Well, quickly run up the stairs after spawning into the level, shoot one target on the balcony above then turn to shoot the other target, who is perched above that target on an even higher balcony. Then turn around and book it to the exit which is only a few feet away from the stairs. If you pull this off fast enough, you can beat the whole level in nine seconds.

According to Speedrun.com, speedrunners Wreak and Der_Lauch_Linus are tied, both completing the level in just nine seconds. Below is Wreak’s run.

And if you are wondering, the speedrun time for completing this level while obtaining the silent assassin rank is a bit longer. A whole eight seconds longer.

Currently, GuLe holds the world record in that category, using a technique that is similar to the above runs, but with a sniper. By shooting around the level using a silenced rifle, they distract guards and NPCs, giving them a window to take out the targets before the bodies are spotted.

Meanwhile, I finally beat my first Hitman 3 level using only a suit and sniper rifle. It took me like 20 minutes. And I save scummed a bit. No world record for me.



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Feel like Hitman’s Silent Assassin threshold should be reasonable suspicion. Any NPC seeing you with a drawn gun or obvious weapons would seem like decent fails