Speedrunner Claims New Super Mario Bros. World Record By .05 Seconds

Super Mario Bros. speedrunner Kosmic seems to have shaved the record time for completing the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System classic by three frames, based on a video and Tweet he posted early this morning.


Kosmic said on Friday that he beat the Super Mario Bros. world record held by ace player Darbian by a single frame. He walked that claim back after detecting a “lag frame” earlier in the run.

This time, he said on Twitter, there was no lag frame. He is reporting the completion time at 4:57.194 and originally streamed the feat on Twitch. The run is embedded atop this post.

Darbian retweeted Kosmic’s claim. No doubt the race for the top spot will continue. Unlike the real life long jump, this is a world record where the competition is fierce.

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I thought I saw in the last article on the subject that it was more time beneficial to grab the flag poles at the bottom, so why does he start grabbing them at the top in the last world?

Also, what was with the glitchy bullet trick. Did that actually save time over grabbing the pole normally?