Speedrunner Beats Divinity: Original Sin 2 In 38 Minutes

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It took 81 hours crammed into a week-and-a-half for me to finish Divinity: Original Sin 2's main story. It is, then, hard to not feel conflicted when I tell you that somebody just beat the game in a little over 30 minutes.


Onin is a speedrunner who set his sights on Original Sin 2 a little more than a week ago and has already brought his time down to 37 minutes and 48 seconds. His run is a thing of pure wizardry—in that his mastery of the game’s most exploitable gaps is unparalleled, and also because he’s playing as a character who is technically a wizard (or “Sourcerer,” but you get what I mean).

Warning: video contains spoilers for Divinity: Original Sin 2 locations and plot points.

Onin uses some pretty creative exploits, but for the most part they’re not huge glitches or anything. For example, he beats two of the game’s toughest early encounters by dropping barrels of Deathfog, a rare substance that kills most enemies and player characters instantly, and teleporting enemies into it. I could’ve easily done that in my own run, had I thought of it.

More craftily, he uses a combination of fast travel waypoints and the undead “play dead” skill (which makes enemies think they’ve beaten you, at which point a battle will end) to pull off the one-two punch of skipping battles and rapidly warping around the map. He also teleports everywhere with skills like “cloak and dagger” and “tactical retreat,” often just to cover ground more quickly, but sometimes to do things like—and I have no idea how he figured this out—warping from the basement of Act 2's tavern to the Eternal tomb in the Blackpits, instantly skipping hours and hours of main story quest content. I don’t think those locations are supposed to be right next to each other on the game’s map, but I guess they are?

If you’ve already beaten Original Sin 2 or don’t mind getting spoiled on locations (he goes through most dialogue so quickly that you’ll probably be OK on that front), I highly recommend watching Onin’s run. It’s a thing of mad brilliance, something made all the wilder by the fact that, for the most part, he’s playing perfectly “within the rules” of Original Sin 2's infinitely cheese-able systems.

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One takes 80+ hours to finish the game. Another random dude finishes it in 38 minutes......i don’t know how to feel about this. And i wonder which one had more fun. My next pay on the 80 hours walkthrough.