Speak-Up On Kotaku: Too Many Pokémon, Not Enough Gaming Clothes, Closer, And Late Bloomers

Speak-Up on Kotaku triumphantly returns this week, with Celery, Sollipse, Taggart6, and DomesticGoddess2010 sharing their thoughts on getting closer to Mario, Pokémon breeding, gaming fashions, and breaking into video gaming late.

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Nine Inches Of Mario

Yes, it's a very old remix of Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" and the Super Mario Bros. theme, but it brings back so many memories. Thanks, Celery! Edit: Thumbnailing fail! Click here to listen to the pretty music.

Teaching An Old Goddess New Tricks

DomesticGoddess2010 is trying to play catch up with her gaming husband, but is having trouble adjusting to the world of video games. Any suggestions?

My husband is an avid gamer, but I have a hard time getting as involved as he is. (Mostly because I find myself staring at the sky, running backwards, and yelling commands at the controller) I need some suggestions for becoming more involved in the gaming world. Is 24 years old too late to develop gaming skills?


Gotta Catch Them All, Or Else

Sollipse makes a very good point here. We have to stop the Pokémon now, before our children pay the price for our mistakes.

One day, our children will finish the life-consuming task of catching all 7093 pokemon and the 20 secret legendaries, and ask us what it was like when there were only a 150. Then they'll ask us why we didn't stop the bastards when we had the chance.


More Video Game Clothing, Please

Taggart6 thinks publishers and developers are missing out by not capitalizing on the world of high fashion.

There's a lot of great character design in today's video games. From the iconic blue bomber to the savage Kratos, there's pretty much a near endless parade of game characters with their own unique style and devoted followers.

After seeing those Megaman hoodies a while back, it's a shame more game developers don't market the style and design of their characters with the fashion world. Sure, it has the potential to be a fashion disaster, but if done with the right people I think it could be really cool and even look good.

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