In this week's edition of Speak-Up on Kotaku, our readers get down and dirty with disc swapping, discuss unnecessary sequels, drive forklifts, and nosh on some good old-fashioned haggis. Dig in!

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To Be Continued...

Shrewsbury wants video games to fall in line with television programming, calling for a two sequel limit and more episodic gaming.

If you are producing a cinematic single player game with an overarching plot, it should wrap itself up in 3 distinct games. You can release expansions to each game if you like, or sequels/prequels focusing on other characters, but the main plot should reach closure by the third game at the earliest, like a film trilogy.

If your game feels more like a television series than a film, like with any of Telltale's titles, then go for the episodic route! Release as many as you like! Just be prompt, and don't go nuts on us and start changing everything until AFTER you've finished churning out a run of games with some closure to them.


Two sequels? How would big game company executives survive? More original titles? That's just silly.


Get Up Off Your Feet

Opuelas poses an interesting question to the masses regarding disc-swapping.

Here's a general question for Kotaku and all it's followers:

What annoys you more, having to get off the couch to change disc one or two times over the course of a game, or having to wait an additional 20-30 minutes for an initial install before playing?


Never A Good Idea

TheOmnitron gives me the perfect excuse to post a picture of haggis.

Haggis was a baaaad choice. Went to a friends house for traditional Scottish meal in honour of Robbie Burns, some random Scottish Saint.

Anyways, the haggis has literally destroyed my insides. Gas like Ive never had it, need to crap every 5 minutes, it feels like its turned my guts into butter.

How does this relate to video games? It doesnt. But Im in pain and I need to complain. Who better than to complain to then the callous, uncaring internets?


A Forkin' Good Time

Something tells me Stephen T Emancipator might not be sincere in his review of Forklift Truck Simulator 2009.

I thought nothing could beat the fun and excitement that came with bus stop simulator but this game! Wow! I got my friends to get it too and the online co-op mode is amazing too, it's great being able to do the story mode together as a group of 4 forklifts. Also when you enter the lobby you can adjust the difficulty level and whether to have FF (Friendly Forklifting) on or off, to encourage better teamplay.